This is a Class 3 E-bike.  28mph!!   The Stromer ST1X is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.   If you're looking to replace a car or motorcycle, this is the way to go.  Smartphone app and GPS tracking make this bike virtually un-stealable!  

The e-bikes from Stromer offer incomparable range, power, and versatility, and are not only eco-friendly but stylish and chic as well. Experience the new standard for urban mobility with Stromer e-bikes.

The ST1 X is the newest member of the Stromer family. Its elegant finish hints at its design and technological innovations. In addition to the clean white and charcoal finishes, you can also choose a fresh shade of orange for your ST1 X. Apart from that, two models with different frame sizes are available. The Comfort model with its 17-inch frame offers great ease of mounting and dismounting, even when you’re wearing elegant clothing. The Sport version comes with a 17-, 20- or 22-inch frame, depending on your height.

Want to experience the Stromer Smile?   Come check out one of our Demo Bikes and see how the ST1X can change your life.  

In-store pickup.  Allow up to 2 weeks for order fulfillment if we have to order your bike from Stromer. 

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