S2L NY Edition w/ Roll Top Bag


Brompton And Vespertine Teamed up to make a special edition bike complete with custom anodized bits, reflective pops, and a sweet special edition Bag.  We just have two of these coming, get them while they're hot!

The S-type handlebar is the sportiest style of Brompton. The front-end is lower than the other styles. Good for shorter riders or riders who like to be a bit more aggressive. You will ride a little bit more leaned forward if you are a taller rider.

The two-speed is a simple drive-train with a gear for some basic inclines.o expect to have to deal with some hills.

The L-version comes with fenders for protection from those nasty city puddles.

 And every bike from Huckleberry comes with free fitting and a year of free tune-ups.

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