Meerkat 24" w/ Rigid fork


  • Cleary Makes awesome bikes for your awesome kids.  The Meerkat is their 24" offering.  It's available with or without a suspension fork, and it has disc brakes and 8 speed shifting.  We love this bike.
    • Available in Very Orange, Deep Blue, Sorta Pink, Red and AstroTurf Green.
    • Ideal for children ages 7-12 years old, between 48" - 60" (4' - 5') in height, with an inseam length ranging from 22" - 28".
    • 24.0 lbs - Prepare for your child to drop you on the first climb!
    • Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes (mineral oil)
    • 1x9 drivetrain with MicroShift thumb shifter and medium cage derailleur
    • Suspension-adjusted frame geometry, meaning the frame will accommodate a suspension fork (stay tuned)
    • Slim, junior race-style vegan leather saddle designed to maximize a rider’s range of motion while minimizing chafing and weight
    • 5mm Allen skewer front and rear wheel
    • Three-piece crank and square taper bottom bracket
    • Reinforced steel fork
    • Alloy handlebar and seatpost
    • Expert bike geometry centers the weight between a rider's hands and seat, which creates a stable, quick-handling bike
    • Best for riders with an inseam of 22" to 28"
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