2017 Slate 105

$1,999.99 $2,899.99

One thing Roadies and Braah's can agree on:  The Slate is a gravel bike, and it's totally a Cannondale.  Cannondale's innovation takes the ramble bike to the next level. Just look at that Lefty fork.  Looks crazy right?!?  Well it's also friggin' awesome.  Cannondale thought about what all the other Mixed Terrain bikes were missing, and what they were doing right.  Obvs. they had to put a Lefty on it!  But they also thought through some other details. 

    Developed for the Slate, the Oliver delivers 30mm of bob-free travel and pinpoint handling. It’s the most capable front suspension system on the road.
    Dramatically shaped seat stays and chain stays flex to absorb shock and vibration for comfort and control.
  • 650BX42C WHEELS
    With nearly the same outside diameter as traditional 700cx23c road wheels, the Slate’s 650bx42c wheel/tire combo delivers the full-on speed and snappy handling of a road bike, but with the unreal cornering grip and float of big tires.

We have these in stock, and we have demo's too!  Call us to set up a demo ride on one of the best ramble rigs around!!

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