2018 Superlight M6L Raw Lacquer SON Dynamo


Superlight Raw Lacquer M-Type Brompton with six-speed drivetrain and fenders.  Schmidt SON dynamo hub lighting.

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The Superlight version is a couple of pounds lighter.  It has a titanium rear triangle and front fork.

The M-type is the original Brompton style.  We recommend M-type handlebars for riders looking for a casual, comfortable ride.

The six-speed drivetrain is our most popular setup. It provides the most versatility and is ideal for riders who expect to have to deal with some hills.

The L-version comes with fenders for protection from those nasty city puddles.

The Schmidt SON Dynamo Lighting gives you best-in-class safety and reliability. 

 Includes front luggage carrier.

Call for availability. Allow two weeks for bike to be ready for pickup if we need to order from Brompton. All of our bikes come with a year of free tune-ups and a professional fitting.

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